Rugs: The Starting Point of Interior Design

Imagine having purchased or built your dream home. You fantasize about raising your children there, having all your friends over for summer barbecues by the pool or hosting the most epic New Year’s Eve parties. Every little detail, down to  the curtain rod in your downstairs bathroom, needs to be perfect. After all, your “forever home” is where the most important events of your life will most likely happen, where you will spend time with your family and loved ones, where you’ll return from your travels. Your home is an extension of you. Read more

Fetneh Rugs: Color Is King

There are many ways to add a surprise factor to your home decor: unconventional furniture, accessories, wallpaper, paintings and sculptures – the list is endless. But there is one element of design that is more effective than all the others: color. Such a simple but powerful way to liven up your home, yet many shy away from using it for fear of quickly tiring of vibrant shades. They don’t know what they are missing out on! Read more